Performing for the Pumpkin Patch Cruise-In (Oct 2019)
Behind the scenes shooting for He’s Back! πŸ™‚
Performing at the Open Chord in Knoxville (Sept. 2019)
One of my favorite pics of Ashley and I legit laughing because we couldn’t get the take right!
We like Halloween… a lot!
From a gig we did in Oak Ridge! We had a blast!
Just Ashley and I at a Shrimp Broil! πŸ™‚
From a car show gig over the summer!
Everyone does this when they hang with family right??
When we first got married, we were both cast in a Dollywood show and this was Ashley’s grandma and grandpa before he passed away. Great man and great sense of humor.
When we first moved to Nashville we met this amazing cast and crew! What a great show and memories!
Someone stepping on my toe while singing haha