Husband and wife duo Gage and Ashley Sharp have been singing and performing together since 2009. Over the years they have created a musical life together including performing in multiple theatrical shows including Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, working along side each other on professional shows, creating their own original songs, acting in independent movies, and always creating videos in their home recording studio.

Gage Sharp received an associates degree from Pellissippi State Community College and finished his bachelors in Commercial Music, with an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tn. In addition to getting his Bachelors, he is currently in progress of finishing his certification as a Brett Manning Associate, who is the author of the popular vocal program Singing Success. After finishing with his certification with Brett Manning, he will continue his education at Rider University with a masters in vocal pedagogy.

Ashley Sharp received her bachelors in Architecture from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tn. When not working her day job at an architecture firm, she is performing along side her husband.

Gage and Ashley are always together and enjoy every minute of it. They post new videos on Youtube and Facebook every Friday. Whether it’s around Christmas, Halloween, or just a normal Friday, they post songs relating to the season which include: pop, rock, oldies, Disney, country, and gospel.

One of the best compliments they repeatedly receive is: ” you guys have a great variety of styles.”